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Signs That Your Kids Have Vision Problems

Signs Your Kids Have Vision Problems from our Mooresville Optometrist

Sometimes a vision problem won't be obvious, in fact occasionally it will reveal itself in ways that may surprise you. Watch for these below signs of a hidden vision problem in your child, and contact us at Mills Eye Care for an eye exam if you live in or around Mooresville. Whether or not you or your child have signs of a vision problem, it is recommended that each person gets a yearly eye exam to make sure that any issues that do arise can be quickly diagnosed and treated before the problem has a chance to grow worse. 

Kids wearing glasses

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Some common signs include holding reading materials close to the face, squinting, rubbing eyes, an eye turning in or outwards. It can be obvious that a child is having difficulty seeing if you know what you are looking for. Small actions like sitting on the floor to be just a little closer to the television, being a little clumsy, and disliking attention detailed hobbies like puzzles and reading can all be indicators that your child is not seeing things the same way as other children.  

Some unexpected signs that may indicate a vision problem in a child are difficulty comprehending what they are able to read (because the focus is on the struggle to see it), frequent headaches, short attention span, and difficulty learning may be indications of a vision problem. If a young child has never had their eyesight examined, and the parents do not have sight problems themselves then it is not uncommon for a vision problem to go unnoticed for years. 

Contact us to Schedule Your Next Vision Check Up

If your child has shown any of the above signs of a vision problem, call us for an eye exam appointment at 704-664-9121. We proudly serve Mooresville and the surrounding areas with comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages.

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