Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

What Is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

child with amblyopia lazy eye

Amblyopia or Lazy eye develops in early childhood in one eye most often. It causes a problem with both eyes working together properly. Children with crossed eyes or extreme differences in the sight in each eye often develop the disorder by six years old. It should be treated early so that loss of vision does not occur. At the Mills Eye Care, our optometrist has a number of ways to treat this disorder.

Symptoms and Types of Amblyopia

Symptoms can range from this disorder. Your child bumps into walls and objects more than usual.  You notice when you cover one eye your child gets upset. Other symptoms of lazy eye are eyes include squinting, shutting the eyes, and tilting the head back.

There are three kinds of lazy eye:

  1. Strabismic – This is caused by an imbalance in the muscles that hold the eye in place.
  2. Refractive – It is differences in the sharpness of vision between the two eyes. It can be caused by being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other.
  3. Deprivation –  The third kind is caused by something in the eye that blocks light from coming in. It can be a cloudy lens that can cause cataracts.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lazy Eye at Mills Eye Care

Our optometrist will give your child a complete eye exam. The eyes are often dilated with drops and a light is used to exam the eye. Often eye charts are used to test the sight in both eyes and how well they see numbers and letters. Children should have an eye exam before reaching the age of 1 to check for this condition.

Treatments for lazy eye are glasses that have a special lens which corrects the problem with vision. Eye patches may be worn two to six hours a day over the weak eye. Bangerter filters are filters put over eyeglass lens which makes the vision blurry in the stronger eye encouraging the weaker eye to get stronger. Eye drops may be used weekly to blur vision in one eye and this helps to strengthen the weaker eye. 

Surgery is another option for treatment in some cases. Often surgery is followed by your child wearing eye patches. Vision therapy may be used which are exercises used to make the eye stronger. It often involves using filters, computer, and non-computerized devices.

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