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What to Know About Eyeglasses Provided by a Mooresville, NC Optometrist

Eyeglasses are a way to correct your up-close or far-away vision. It's also possible to prescribe them to patients with astigmatism. You can wear them every day or use them as a back-up along with contacts. At Mills Eye Care, serving Mooresville, NC and the nearby region, Dr. Ed Mills and Dr. Christopher Mills provide thorough examinations and fit you for a pair of glasses. We can even assist you in finding a pair that suits your personality. 


How Glasses Work to Correct Your Vision

Glasses won't better your vision, but they do help you see clearly. They consist of either high-grade plastic or glass, and they're cut for your particular prescription. They focus images by altering how light enters your eye. They refocus the light onto your retina, instead of in front or behind it. For instance, if you have nearsightedness, meaning you have trouble seeing objects at a distance, the light focuses in front of your retina. The glasses cause the light to focus further back.

Moreover, if you have astigmatism, the light enters your eye and is scattered due to the curvature of your eye. The glasses focus all the scattered light onto your retina. 

We offer the option of trifocals and bifocals, which can help you if you have issues with seeing both up close and far away. 

What to Expect at Your Eye Care Appointment for Glasses

Your appointment for eyeglasses from an optometry practice is a relatively simple process. You come in for an eye care exam, and one of our practitioners will have you look into lenses. You see letters magnified at different powers. You inform the optometrist of which one appears clearest. You'll also receive an evaluation for astigmatism, which consists of you identifying which images look clearest. You'll go through a series of pictures. 

Either Dr. Ed Mills or Dr. Christopher Mills will look into your eyes using a specialized magnifying tool. This helps identify issues with your retina. You'll also receive a test to check the pressure of your eyes, as well as other tests you can elect to have. 

After, your practitioner will determine the prescription you need. You'll also be fitted for your glasses and get to choose the style you want.

Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses

Glasses are relatively easy to take care of as long as you're careful. One of our eye doctors will educate you about the cleaners and types of rags you can use to clean them. 

Schedule an exam for eyeglasses today with Mills Eye Care, serving Mooresville, NC and the nearby region, by contacting us at 704-664-9121.

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