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Some people visit optometrists only when they develop vision problems or acute eye problems. Unfortunately, some eye disorders show no symptoms until permanent eye damage and vision loss has already occurred, while refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness can creep up on you so that you're suffering from sub-par eyesight without even realizing it. Preventative optometry in the form of regular eye and vision exams are therefore crucial for helping you preserve the health and functionality of your eyes - and you can get these exams from our eye doctors at Eye Care Center Mooresville, Dr. Ed Mills and Dr. Christopher Mills.

Optometrists generally recommend annual or bi-annual examinations for most adults; people with pre-existing eye conditions may need more frequent monitoring. Even babies can benefit from eye health and eye function exams at scheduled intervals; this helps to ensure that their brains and eyes are working together correctly to allow for normal vision development. Eye function testing may include focus, movement and eye teaming tests to see how well the eyes are working, both together and separately. The earlier conditions such as amblyopia and strabismus are caught, the more easily they can be corrected.

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Our Optometrists also offer Eye Health Testings

Eye health testing is necessary to check for the telltale signs of progressive diseases and disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other conditions that could rob you of your eyesight if untreated. Our optometry center uses tonometry to check your eye pressure, examines your retinas under pupil dilation for signs of retinal disease or injury, and views the front of the eye and eyelid with a brightly-lit instrument called a slit lamp. Timely diagnosis and treatment of serious disorders can quite literally save your eyesight.

Vision testing is a tried-and-true means of diagnosing refractive disorders and determining the right prescription for corrective lenses (if needed). A standard Snellen eye chart is used to check how clearly you can read letters of varying sizes at a simulated distance of 20 feet. (Pre-literate children can make use of a "tumbling E" chart instead.) If some of the letters appear fuzzy, our eye doctor will have you look through different lens combinations in a device called a phoropter until everything is as clear as possible. This is your corrective lens prescription, which may need to be updated as your eyes continue to change.

Ocular Exams for the Mooresville, Huntersville, Statesville, Cornelius, Denver, Davidson and Lake Norman Communities

Our optometry center is happy to provide eye health, eye function and visual acuity evaluations for the Mooresville, Huntersville, Statesville, Cornelius, Denver, Davidson and Lake Norman communities. If you're in any of these areas and you want to ensure clearer vision and healthier eyes for your loved ones and yourself, call Eye Care Center Mooresville today at (704) 664-9121 to schedule an eye and vision exam. We're ready to be your trusted eye care advisors!

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